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Should we use safety glass, standard plate glass or tempered glass?

In most instances of replacing historic brilliant cut panels, safety glass is not required. If your circumstances specify safety or tempered glass, we will use laminated safety glass. It is not possible to wheel-cut on tempered glass.

How do you price the panels?

All glass panels are handheld and hand cut over a stationary upright cutting wheel. Some of the factors to be considered in pricing are:

a. Size of the panel
b. Thickness and weight
c. Intricacy of design
d. Matching to an existing original
e. Job size (Discounts may be granted for multi-panel jobs)

Because of these variables, we estimate each job individually at no cost. As a vague guideline, prices usually fluctuate between 150.00 to 600.00 USD per square foot.

How do you design the panels?

a. For reproduction and duplication work, we require pictures and if possible, a rubbing on paper from the original panel.
b. If you require us to do a custom design, any input you may have is welcome. Pictures of the room in which the artwork will be located are helpful, so that your glass panel matches well with your existing interior and architecture. Custom designs are subject to a Design Fee in proportion to the job size and are sent to you in form of pencil drawings.

We do include two pages of Historic designs taken from a 19th century Victorian catalogue in our Information Package.

How large a panel can you handle?

The comfortable size range is up to 14 x 60.
The added difficulty range is up to 22 x 60.
The challenging range is up to 36 x 60.
Taller panels for sidelights are possible up to 18 x 84.

Does Lehmann Glass Studio install the panels after they are completed?

No. We do not do any installations. Any competent contractor, carpenter or woodworker will be able to install the glass for you.

How do you ship the panels over a long distance?

We build our own crates out of plywood. The glass panels are sandwiched between Styrofoam boards and the crates are sealed. We ship via Air because it is safer and quicker. We insure our work until you open the crate. An average Crating and Shipping cost is added to the Estimate. (This cost may change on the final invoicing.)

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